Claimed by darkness, owned by the Mystery.. I could really just leave at this one line.

This is a place for the artistic expression of the raw and wild woman, a place for women to be. A place where they can be messy and as raw as fuck as they like because fuck oppression.

And I mean the real kind of wild. Not the watered down bullshit we see all over the internet that’s still mixed with fear of not allowing the feminine to be fully fucking unleashed. Always so light and fluffy skirting around the edges still fearful of ripping open the box of conformity. Come on women let’s not play nice.

And witches. The real ones, welcome. Read more here —> Can the Real Witches Step Forward Please

Let’s make one thing clear, light is darkness that is no longer hidden. Darkness is the place where everything is created and recreated. Those that have travelled deep enough will know this truth. This is a place to reveal the untamed She, the parts of woman that are told is too much. No more of such bullshit.

Let’s get messy as fuck. Let death dance with you. Become intimate with the dying parts of you. Merge with your own stirring of creation and let the unknown fill you with doubt and uncertainty. Let it claim you, learn to writhe in the pleasure of being lost. Be overwhelmed with your own desire to be loved by the one person you’re seeking love from- yourself. Be free.

Death is messy. It’s raw, it’s painful. It’s ecstasy. If you’ve been there you’ll know it and if not, it will come it’s just a matter of time.

Let the death of your old self be sexual as fuck.

Travel with me or not, I don’t give a fuck I’m doing this for myself and the for liberation of all women.

Women are powerful and magical, the end.

With love in darkness,

Astara 💋