When death becomes sexual is when we experience death of our old self many times over with full attention, eyes wide open being thrown in the eye and depth of chaos. It’s experiencing death, rebirth and the unknown at the same time. Like they’re fucking each other and the bed they lay on is the Mystery yet it’s all one. 

Fucking intense and when you’ve experienced it more than once with presence you fall in love with this unknowable chaos, you learn to understand that you’ll never know and at the same time you know. It’s a depth very few reach yet it’s available to each one of us, the witch kind I mean. The real witches not image, the real ones know. 

The women who are drawn to reading what I’m writing because what I’m writing isn’t coming from me. There are witches that are not fully present and in realisation of their power and knowing so I write these pages in hope I awaken a little more of your memory so you can remember who you are and why you’re here. 

For the women who don’t remember how to go deep I’m here to show you how because we’re being called witches and you feel the call. It’s a stirring and a knowing that something ancient is trying to get your attention and it’s pushing you to listen and it will rip your world apart and what you think is real to be seen, heard and live what you know deep down. 

Our earth is going through great change as we all know, and who is She calling upon to live their power to create this change?  The women who are dedicated to her, the women who are strong as fuck to tune in and gather, the women who know, her coven – the witches. Who would be more dedicated to Her than us? 

But to be your realisation is to strip back conformity, strip back what you think you know and work together to fuck off oppression. We have something very ancient on our side more powerful than any patriarchal system or religion will ever be. 

Though…to be who you really are you must be open to dying. Open to death because who you think you are needs to die and you must relearn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. And I’m not talking the wishy washy kind of change, I’m talking about the kind of change that overwhelms you. You’re lost in it feeling every emotion just to surrender to the person you think you are and the life you think you wanted to become something else. A potency of a realisation that you were living a fucking lie. It was never you, it was the wounded you, the moulded you. 

You must be strong to liberate yourself and women are. To stand in your full power and not be afraid of being set on fire because that’s what happens when you live your ancient self. 

Let’s liberate our sexual power, our rage, our power of choice, self expression and our knowing everything this world has done to silence such parts of who we are because men has placed so much fear into woman so she numbs her knowing, her voice to speak up against those things that really matter so the madness that is patriarchy can destroy everything for greed, an illusion so strong they believe is so real they kill for it.

Destroying what matters to us. Had enough? I fucken have.

Fuck this shit. 

Time to get fucking messy.