Death. Death is something that we all have to become closely acquainted with because of evolution. No one is getting out of this powerful change on the planet alive. However death takes the individual is up to the individual. We either choose to embrace change and reality or live in denial to the point of death and however that transmutation manifests for the individual is up the individual.

Now, that may seem extreme but if you’re drawn to these pages there is something inside of you that knows this to be true.

Death is messy. Death isn’t always kind. Sometimes we can sense it’s presence approaching our life and sometimes that’s not meant to be and it swoops in and ends what needs to be ended. Now I’m hoping most of you reading this knows that I’m talking about the end of the old self as we know it. How we used to live and see life, the beliefs we used to believe and what we thought was true and that includes what we thought was real love and basically what we thought was real.

It’s painful, chaotic and most of the time traumatic but it’s a part of life and we have to learn to navigate our way through it with us much understanding as we choose to learn. The more we do we just let more love into our lives, more mystery deepening into the flow of all that is.

I speak of death because death is making a strong entrance and presence in our lives and world wide and much more than once. We are living in a time where we can longer live the way we have chosen to live. The earth is evolving, she’s cleaning up and fuck she needs to and she’s making the right waves for us to finally confront the lies we have been told and have chosen to live.

Why liberating our rage is so important. That’s our fire to create change. Our death will awaken our rage.

‘All I heard was the sound of the rattle and I knew it was my time to die’, said the knowing deep inside of me.