One of my focuses is to awaken women’s rage. There’s such an importance to it.
Without awakening our rage we’re not going to see clearly and when we internalise rage it becomes grief, we doubt ourselves, we’re submissive, anxious, boundaries and self protection is almost non existent and we can’t feel our fire.
When rage is awakened we naturally feel the urge to be more expressive, to place clear as fuck boundaries, be self protective of our space and we also awaken our passion.

A woman can express and be whoever she wants. We’re allowed to be angry, filthy, swear and we’re allowed to protect ourselves.
Some women may judge or try and hold you back because they’re not free. Don’t let them.
Keep moving forward because you’re not only doing it for yourself you’re doing it for all women and for the earth.
People won’t want you to change because they don’t want to, they’re still hanging onto the old paradigm and we’re creating a new one being our real self and not what fear or greed wants us to conform to.

When women are grounded in their bodies and connected to earth, magic happens.

Rage is one of the most challenging emotions to channel because it’s so reactive. It’s explosive and sometimes it needs to be expressed that way but the most powerful thing we can teach ourselves is being aware of this potent energy and channel it to create a world that is nourishing for us. That’s not say a ‘go and get fucked’ when it’s needed to someone that needs to hear it is a bad thing, fuck far from it, I’m speaking of the rage that can be felt at times when maybe you’re not quite sure why or the situation that provoked rage for you looks and feels like an over reaction. Learn why first of all. Recognise why and what triggered it then understand each thread of emotion. This give you the understanding for the next time it happens because it will. then you can make conscious choices of how you want to express what you’re feeling.

Once you have, feel into how you can use the energy felt to create positive change in your life. Use that fire to transform yourself and your life. Let it change you for the better, it’s potent medicine.


‘I was sitting around the fire waiting for Buffalo Woman. The crow told me to wait for her. I heard her approaching and I looked up and smiled. She smiled back but she also looked to the left of me and smiled. There was no one there and I was perplexed. She looked into my eyes and said, ‘Your fire is drowning beneath your sadness let her speak or she will follow you and create chaos where love wants to breathe.’

She then looked to the left of me again and spoke in her language what felt to me was sacred words from the crow. The crow then landed to the left of me and cawed. I had to ask, ‘Buffalo Woman who are you speaking to?’

‘To your rage beloved. You are choosing not to see her but I do.’ She smiled and as she turned to walk away the crow landed on her left shoulder and she said, ‘Without knowing what is hidden you will always be torn in two…’ Astara Lak’ech ©