Let’s feel into what lives inside of passion…. sexuality, sensuality, determination, power, strength, drive, creation, expression, freedom. Now think of how patriarchy does what it can to oppress this in woman. Passion wants her freedom. She gives no fucks what’s in her way she will creatively maneuver her way around it to express her passion. She wants her freedom and liberation.

Rage wants her liberation too and we can use our rage to connect with passion.

I’m speaking about the love she has for herself first and most importantly. When a woman chooses to love herself her passion naturally begins to awaken. Then her creativity speaks to her loudly than it ever has before and her commitment to love and understand herself first before she shares herself with a lover gives her the knowing of who she is and what she needs and wants and doesn’t confuse the two. A merging with another in this space is a relationship of freedom and mutual respect.

Passion is creative energy. It wants to play, to merge, to express itself, it wants freedom. It’s also joyous and fiery as pure creation energy is.

Joy said to passion, ‘ It’s your freedom that has given me life’ and passion said to joy,

‘And you are the reason for me to live..’