Your independence is essential to rewild. Rewild in the terms of healing is being who you really are before wounding and conditioning moulded you to be someone the world expected you to be. If you are a woman that is committed to her spiritual and emotional growth I know I can teach you a way that actually works gaining independence on how to master your inside world. 

Healing Trauma & Reclaiming Your Power Within Depression

Depression and what I also call oppression, I believe lives in most women but we've learnt how to mask it. Some women are always happy and positive and don't cope well when things are out of their control. Some women are angry and irritable most of the time. Some women hide from the world, and some are perfectionists. And of course some are openly depressed. The further I've guided women in their inner worlds depression and trauma is one of the most common threads found and makes sense as being woman we are riddled with grief and rage for the one too many traumas we've faced and the oppression we are expected to live under. 

Some women are not even aware of the traumas they carry living in a constant heightened state of anxiety because they've been born into a dysfunctional home and have repeated patterns of what they were taught is love. 

Where there's trauma, there's anxiety and where there's anxiety there's depression. 

But there's a way out. 

I've successfully guided women to reclaim their power within trauma and depression and continue to do so. I know how because I've lived it and had to work my way through from being broken open one too many times in my life and I believe one of the many things I am here to do is to support women to heal their grief and rage once and for all. This is deep and necessary work.

Sessions are conducted face to face via Skype or in person. Phone will suffice if you do not have a strong connection where you live. 


One off sessions: are paid on a sliding scale of what you can afford between the amounts 0f $80 to $130. Sessions are usually 1hour to 1hour and 30 minutes.


commit to your health, happiness and well being and book in for a block of 5 sessions for $300. (payment can be made in 2 parts.) 

Each session is an hour to 1 hour and a half long and includes inner work.

Healing Your Body from Trauma

What's expected when a woman experiences trauma is the neglect of her body and the relationship she has with her body. That can be shown through emotional eating, having an obsessive relationship with food and exercise, self medicating or even forgetting to eat and rest adequately. 

I've seen and lived it. 

When we experience trauma, we disconnect from the body or go into fight or flight mode. This also happens when trauma is triggered and we can tell how often we relive trauma by how we relate to our bodies or not at all. 

How many women do you know that are obsessed with what they eat and how much they exercise? And we also have the complete opposite. 

What happens here we struggle with internal beliefs created from trauma telling ourselves we are not enough and if we look and act a certain way we'll be loved. Then we have the opposite too with the belief that 'all people are shit and there's no point in trying' and we have women that close themselves off to the world. 

But look around women, it's fucking everywhere the expectation of how we should look. So think on how often our traumas would be re-triggered and how challenging it can be to manage healthy body image if we don't have a handle and know how to manage our emotions that are connected to trauma. 

Societal expectation, marketing, toxic masculinity and even fellow women folk poking at our wounds and the belief that we are not enough. Which is the core belief, not that our bodies are not beautiful it's abandonment wounds which begin when traumatised. With the pattern of trauma over time, we place so much belief in it we reject ourselves over and over again and yes lovely there is a path to healing. 

One piece of wisdom I want to leave you with is that our conditioned patterns are found also in what we consume. Ask yourself if you are over eating, what are you numbing? What pain are you struggling to feel the full capacity of? 

And if you're under eating, what are you starving yourself of? What pain is telling you that you're not worthy of love?

Both patterns carry low self worth.


Sessions are conducted face to face or via Skype. Phone calls will also suffice if where you live doesn't have a strong connection. 

One off sessions are paid on a sliding scale of what you can affordd between the amounts of $80 to $130.


commit to your relationship with you and your body and book in for a block of 5 sessions for $300. (payment can be made in 2 parts.) 

Each session is an hour to 1 hour and a half long and includes inner work.

Healing Sexuality & Self Expression - Reclaim Your Creative and Unique Self

I don't know a woman who hasn't experienced trauma around her sexuality. Not one. 

What I see with the expression of sexuality with women is most express it in a way that is expected of them conditioned by society and marketing and especially through the traumas they have experienced. That's a big one to explain in one small column. 

But let me tell you this, our sexual energy is also our creative energy. It is potent full of desire, imagination, passion, fire, freedom and needs expression, but if it's tainted with too much fear, it is thrown into the world carelessly or shut down when this potent energy can be channeled to create the life you want and express the person YOU are beneath the layers of fear and trauma. 

Why it is so very important to heal and know yourself. Too many women give this power away from a place of need coming from a place of fear yet it is a force to be reckon with and here is your freedom to be you. 

To heal, to be , to be free.


Sessions are conducted face to face or via Skype. Phone will suffice if where you live doesn't have a strong connection. 

One off sessions: are paid on a sliding scale of what you can afford between the amounts of $80 to $130


commit to your freedom and book in a block of 5 sessions for $300. (payment can be made in 2 parts.) 

Each session is an hour to 1 hour and a half long and includes inner work.

*** There's no exchange for the first initial chat. This chat is to see where you are, how I can support you and where we can begin. Thanks to Skype, all sessions are available anywhere in the world. 


If you are committed and are experiencing financial difficulty please email to discuss.

Are these sessions for you?

I think this is important to cover and for you to gain a deeper understanding of what's present and going on inside of you. 

Because the thing is most people are not. I say this confidently with over 25 years experience working with clients, to grow as a person and to create real profound change in your life you must understand your emotional body and your inside world which also includes your intuition which is strengthened throughout this work along with your creativity. I have worked with many women who believed they're not creative to enrol or devote themselves to one or more creative pursuits there after.

Experiencing trauma is a human experience. There wouldn't be a person on the planet that hasn't experienced trauma in some way but what I have found is women experience it too often in many areas of their life and it's like we're expected to take shit and get on with it. 

And you know, most of us do and fuck that- no more. 

If you have managed depression and anxiety for some time, or have found it's  really difficult to move through certain experiences, or feeling stuck, heavy, unmotivated, unsure of your life direction and really want to commit yourself to changing it, this work is for you.

If you are deep, sensitive and open minded and want to change, this is for you. 

If you are committed to dealing with your shit and to find your happiness then I would love to hear from you. 

If you are still unsure and just want to connect to see how it all feels but right now experiencing some pretty heavy doubts and emotion email me by clicking the button below and fill in your details in the contact form with the subject title - INSIGHT PLEASE. Give me a little of what's happening for you, even if you write 'I'm feeling stuck' along with your first and last name and I'll read into your situation and email back what I feel how I can support you with no obligation to work with me. Just feel into what is best for you and you decide. 


Healing the Wild Feminine is Deep Work

I need to address a lot of the bullshit that is on the internet nowadays. I see too many 'feminine empowerment' courses and groups that do not actually empower the feminine at all. They dress it up with another kind of shitty language which actually keeps us in the same conformed box but it just looks and sounds different. There is fuck all deep work and the necessity to heal traumas, express our rage and heal our grief is where freedom lives. 

Healing is messy, deep and raw as fuck but that is what is needed to really know who you really are.

There is no quick fix. This healing asks for your courage, your strength, and to love yourself. Don't ever doubt if you can do this, just look at what you've been through and what you carry beloved and there is your answer.