Liberating our sexual energy and self expression is needed and though we may think it is liberated woman is still oppressed. 

What’s also needed is to ground this energy, strip away conformity, conditioning, expectation, even our own expectation on how we think we should express our sexual power because we’ve been moulded to believe how a sexy woman should be, act and look.

We dress up to this expectation not questioning the lack of depth this comes from. 

Who are we dressing up for? 

Is it for ourselves? How deeply has woman explored the KNOWING and expression of her sexual power? How many women have explored, understand the wounding and trauma that can be attached to this power? 

The shame we’re made to feel, the secrecy and how dirty or cheap we’re made to feel for enjoying pleasure that doesn’t fit conformed ideals of how a woman should express her own individual feelings, her power, her body. 

This energy is potent and without knowing and rooting it to the earth we lose ourselves in fantasy which has a time and place but to many women unknowingly they spend much of their time fantasising when this power is ignited and within this is an escape into what needs to be explored to ground and express this creative energy but from our root voice. 

Our root voice is the voice of our knowing connected to our bodies and connected to the core of the earth. 

The depth and core of who we are is naturally connected to the earth and the call that is being felt within woman is this voice that is seeking expression and freedom wanting connection to the planet, to what it knows to feel grounded and knowing to the body we’re living in.

Our root voice needs full expression, that’s what it’s calling for and it will rattle the very foundation of who we think we are to be who we really are. 

To be all of who we are is to pull down the layers of conformity away from our bodies and look at the beliefs and expectations we are told to believe and be. 

Liberating and understanding how to channel and express our sexual creative energy and root it to the earth so we can express this force without influence but with knowing and wisdom from our real selves and the earth that’s when we flow with the Mystery moving with something much older than we can ever comprehend. 

We will be exploring fantasy and  playfulness but as a woman of knowing.