We enter the mystery of woman with stories of old and wonder, of knowing and not knowing. We enter naked, raw with fear and curiosity. We enter because we’re called to..

We enter to know the power and mystery of woman and we enter to heal, to share and to teach other women. We enter the darkness to bring the hidden into the world, to bring through our own stories of navigating through the deep dark nothingness and bring the mystery of life to others.

We begin with a consciousness of wanting to know more and a pull to be with the earth. The ultimate feminine source, the holder of ancient stories and the Mother of All. The women who know, the ones that have held Her stories in their wombs lifetime after lifetime.

Through these pages and what I share is what I know to be of importance for women to know now. The reclaiming of our power, our wildness, and the power and mystery of woman waiting patiently in the hidden emotions and feelings we repress and lifetimes of oppression of the power of the feminine.

I welcome you to the womb of the all knowing, a labyrinth of women’s mysteries for you to remember who you really are. Allow yourself to be messy and be lost in what you cannot see but feel to be true.