It’s in the flesh we feast

Between the layers of your humanity

Darkness has to enter somewhere

I will become the doorway to your torment and to your knowing

You must enter one to become the other

Release what you think you know

To be claimed by what you do not …

© Astara Lak’ech


In a world where essence in what is important and sacred is lost, know the real witches see who is real and who is wanting to use the image of witch to intimidate.

The initiation as witch isn’t done by any ceremony or ritual, it is the deep relationship you have with the Mystery and it is the Mystery that initiates the real witches and it’s the real witches that knows this to be true.

I write this to inspire the ones who know, the ones who have integrity and love in their hearts to please explore this fire and mystery. I also write this to the ones who only walk this to intimidate or hide behind an image to say please go deeper. Love and respect yourself and all living beings.

Witchery lives here. It is something that I will share more over time. This page is a doorway to share more.