Folk Magic 

When I was young, my Aunty gave a photo to her Aunty back in Portugal one who practised old folk magic cursing him after she left him. He didn’t sleep for 8 and a half months because he was convinced he kept seeing the same old woman sweep the inside of his house every night not long after the sun went down fitting the exact description of my Aunty’s aunty. 

He broke the curse by not feeding the fear and eventually his life changed and that was the end of that. 
My mother would place an upside turned horse shoe on the front and back windows to bring luck and prosperity.
Shoes was another thing. The way a person left their shoes beside our door told us what was to come for them and how they were feeling inside. It was never wrong. 

Brooms were also important. They way they stood, if they fell, where in the house a guest may have picked up the broom and placed it elsewhere told us what was to come. 

Gypsy folk magic. These small things shaped a big part of who I am now which I was taught by the age of 6. Turkish coffee, jewellery and card readings all came later. 

Natural medicines and how to bring in good and bad luck also came later. Things were never lost and handed down generation after generation things I’ve taught my daughter. 

Though these things may appear to be small, they link back to our ancestors and how they once lived. It brings knowing, intuition and of course the magic of other worlds into our lives.  It gives us stories, hope and insights but most of all it shapes how we choose to see the world and what we choose to see in the world. 


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