(Services) Reclamation of Power

These services are deep and can only be seen to the end of it’s thread together with deep commitment to self. These services are for women who have some experience of going deep there are other offerings I can offer you if you haven’t yet which you can find and the sister website, She of the Wild and then we can move onto the sessions below.

**Once you have chosen the service/services fill out the form below for your convenience or email me at wildlyunearthed@gmail.com

Womb Reclamation

Do you know the power your womb holds? The connection she has to the earth and how she speaks to you knowing how to intuitively communicate with her? One of the most profound teachings is to reclaim the power of our bodies and the power we carry in our bodies and how we can feel into the power of our femininity and receive earth wisdom if we choose to actively heal and express the stories held in our wombs and establish a relationship with the earth tuning our bodies to Her.

Through trauma and being taught to not love our bodies through endless marketing provoking fear to believe our bodies are not beautiful as they are, and our own personal experiences,  women have long forgotten the sacred embodiment of the wild she connecting our bodies to the earth. We are so disconnected placing belief in the lies we are taught.

There are teachings to be shared to reclaim your power. These are one on one teachings and can be done in person and via a package of all three: phone, Skype and email.

There are two offerings:

One off sessions to connect, understand and heal the womb: these sessions are for women which may be in need to understand the emotional manifestation and the conditioning and patterning wanting to heal her womb space. I have supported many women around the world to heal their wombs with deep exploration using my mediumship ability and conscious creativity. We are guided deep into the threads which need release, understanding, love and compassion.

These sessions are held in person or via Skype.

Exchange for one off sessions is a pay what you can sliding scale between $80 and $130.

Womb Reclamation Journey

This is a journey of 8 sacred teachings of the womb. These teachings are kept off the internet to preserve it’s sacredness. This journey is one to reconnect to the womb, the divine feminine, creativity, sexuality and earth embodiment and learning how to receive earth wisdom through the womb space.

This can be taught in person or in a package of phone, Skype and email.

Exchange is $640 and must be paid in full before the teachings commence.


Sexual Healing and Reclaiming Sexual Power 

These sessions are usually booked two or three at a time but can be booked singularly too. Only because it usually takes more than one session to explore the threads that are in need of awareness and attention to reclaim the potent power of the creative primal force.

These sessions are to awaken and heal any wounds that are in the way of expressing sexual energy. These sessions carry an energy of its own and are not always so serious but also playful and fun.

Exchange per session is a sliding scale of what you can between $70 and $130.


Earth Embodiment

These teachings are one on one in person and connection between myself and the person I’m sharing with must be one of respect and integrity. I’m leaving this as it is and the person that feels called to explore these sessions can connect with me via the Contact page. These are sacred, deep and ancient teachings with our beloved Mother.

Exchange will be discussed in person.


Liberating Rage

As discussed in previous pages sweethearts this is so important and needed. Our rage if not liberated keeps us repressed, unhappy, heavy, uncertain, can block our sexual and creative flow and protecting ourselves is pretty much nil. We have years, lifetimes of repressed rage held in our energy lets set it the fuck free.

If you feel your rage is on the surface or you one or more of the above please connect with me and lets liberate the powerful and beautiful you.

These sessions are held in person or via Skype.

Exchange is a sliding scale on what you can pay between $70 to $130.

Moon Blood Healing and Exploration

With all my years working with women, one of the most interesting topics of discussion is our monthly blood flow. So many either dislike, some even use the word hate and many women have unresolved emotions and wounding around their monthly moon blood. See the thing is, we are taught that our flow is disgusting, it’s shameful to discuss, it’s hidden again like many things women feel they need to hide and feel ashamed about. This doesn’t help the flow with our bodies.

These sessions are to explore the deeper and hidden wounds and emotions connected to your monthly flow. If you’re having problems with your moon blood flow or you find you have an overwhelming build up of pre-menstrual tension before you bleed, this also shows hidden emotional wounding. To understand where these threads began and why these sessions are focused on exploring the emotional and physical manifestation of how these emotional wounds are affecting your body and flow.

There is such sacredness to our moon bleeds. So many stories to share which I will via here on my blog (to sign up just press the follow button and enter your email) and my Facebook page. Healing our connection to our bodies deepens the flow of love and allowing more Mystery into our lives. This is how we rise into our feminine power by loving our bodies.

Exchange per session is paid on what you can afford between a sliding scale of $90 and $150.

Connection and Exploration – witch to witch

Is there something you want to discuss, something deep and personal, or wanting to shared experience to come to receive clarity on a situation that is bothering you or something about your earth based practice or witchcraft? Whatever it is beloved fill out the form below and lets chat.

Exchange is based on a sliding scale payment of what you can afford between $50 – $100.

Healing the Temple of She 

If you’re having health problems or feeling low in energy, wanting and needing to explore the emotional reasons behind the physicality of what’s happening with your body honey, let’s work through this together. These sessions are gentle and be aware sometimes challenging too as you confront wounds that are needing your love, presence and understanding.

Sessions are based on a pay what you can afford between a sliding scale payment between $60 and $120.

Body Love Sessions and Journey

I know the deep wounds, rage and grief we carry as women and how we attack our bodies because we feel this is the reason why ‘we’re not loved’, this is far from the truth but it is an ingrained pattern for so many women believing if they only looked a certain way they will be loved and accepted. This goes much, much deeper loves as we have been taught over and over again that we must look a certain way to be admired. So we attack and starve ourselves but as I mentioned this is much deeper and it is a taught pattern to project how we feel onto our bodies. Such sadness even writing this because I know the torment I put myself through having eating disorders by the time I was 12. We are perfect the way we are.

These sessions are for women who struggle with constant dieting, attacking themselves believing they are unlovable if they do not look a certain way. The women that live in grief and frustration because of the strong belief they are not enough if they do not look and act in the way society and people who are close to them want them to. Please connect with me. Let’s work through this together layer by layer, let’s free you.

Exchange is based on a sliding scale payment of what you can afford between $50 to $120.

Connect with me to book one or more sessions using the contact details below ♥

♥ Email: wildlyunearthed@gmail.com

♥ Phone: 0422 471 769