Witchery Support and Consultations

All that you find here are a small sample of the product.It is not packaged but photographed so the client knows what is being purchased. I keep all products off the internet to keep the essence and work hidden so the juice is left in the work. 

Products page will be updated regularly and link shared on my Facebook page. If you are needing support with anything personal and particular please feel free to email me to discuss what it is that you are needing. 

All work will be discussed with the client and instructions given. Please do not discuss the work with anyone to keep the work high vibed and untouched. Workings between witch and client need to be respected and held sacred, honoured for the spirits that lovingly and generously give their time to assist and support to better our world. I have been practicing witchery for 26 years. 


Herbal Incenses – Below is what is available. Instructions are given on how to use. Please email me at wildlyunearthed@gmail.com if interested in any of the products below.

Opening and strengthening authentic path – 3 available in 15gm packages. Exchange is $20

Protection – 3 available in 15gm packages. Exchange is $20

Sandalwood chips – 1 available in 15gm package. Exchange is $10

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Oils – oils are created with specific intention to bring about a particular outcome. If you are needing something specific that isn’t listed here please contact me to discuss. These oils are created to be worn on the skin and are safe to wear.

Oils that are available –

Ancestor oil – exchange is $25

Protection oil (created specifically for the client) – $35

Love oil (created for self love and made specifically for the client) – $35

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